Cantor Lab
Not pictured: Aysiah Jaeke, Dominic Ritacco, Anna Turdo, and Sid Punati

A fundamental philosophy of our lab is to build a team of passionate and innovative scientists with diverse backgrounds spanning various areas of engineering and biology.

We are actively recruiting team members.
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Principal Investigator

Jason CantorJason Cantor

Investigator, Morgridge Institute for Research
Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Faculty Affiliate, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty, Integrated Program in Biochemistry
Faculty, Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program
Faculty, Cancer Biology graduate program
Faculty Trainer, Genomic Sciences Training Program
Faculty Trainer, Biotechnology Training Program
Member, Carbone Cancer Center (Developmental Therapeutics Program)
Interests: running, live music, soccer, New York sports teams, keeping it physiologic

Graduate Students

Kyle FlickingerKyle Flickinger

B.S. from Northern Michigan University
Integrated Program in Biochemistry
Interests: Playing the piano, guitar, saxophone, and singing, acting in plays and musicals, and obscure plant facts

Kim HugglerKim Huggler

B.S. from Denison University
Integrated Program in Biochemistry
Interests: her cat, theater, hiking, music

Andrea HungerAndrea Hunger
B.S. from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Interests: hiking, reading, yoga, ice racing, obscure Subaru facts

Aysiah JaekeAysiah Jaeke

B.S. from St. Norbert College
Cancer Biology Graduate Program
Interests: golfing, playing instruments, reading, hiking

Guy KunzmannGuy Kunzmann
B.S. from North Carolina State University
Interests: lifting weights, baking bread, dogs, obscure vinyl records

Ross SoensRoss Soens

B.S. from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Integrated Program in Biochemistry
Interests: listening to music and podcasts, racquetball, obscure poultry facts, board games


Sam SchiniSam Schini

B.S. from UW-Madison (current candidate for M.S. from UW-Madison)
Interests: backpacking, skiing

Undergraduate Students

Siddartha PunatiSiddartha Punati
Interests: Tennis, Volleyball, playing Jazz, listening to Indie Rock

Dominic RitaccoDominic Ritacco

Interests: Boston sports teams, hiking with my dog, making Spotify playlists

Anna TurdoAnna Turdo
Interests: listening to music, Wisconsin sports teams, baking, going on walks

Lab Alumni

  • Nick Rossiter, Assistant Research Specialist. Current: Ph.D. student, University of Michigan.
  • Michelle White, Postdoctoral Associate. Current: Senior Scientist, Broad Institute.